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Below are some beautiful Modzitzer Niggunim for which the Modzitzer Chassidus is famous. The soloist and arranger of most of them is Harav Ben Zion Shenker, who has been preserving the Modzitzer musical tradition for more than half a century. He Started in 1941 as the Imrei Shaul's musical transciber/secretary. Presently he is the leading Baal Tefila in the Modzitzer Shteeble of New York. Not only has he done a phenomenal job of maintaining the Modzitzer musical tradition, but he is also one of the leading composers of Chassidic music in his own right.

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Note! Some of these were taken from old LP records (remember them?) so the scratching you may occasionally hear is authentic, and was not added to enhance the music.

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D/L Play Name Description
DownLoad ListenVald Niggun The famous Vald Niggun Composed by the Divrei Yisrael 5677 (1917), while traveling through the forest, Instrumental.
DownLoad ListenAsher Bara Sung at weddings, Composed by the Imrei Shaul 5702 (1942)
DownLoad ListenKadshenu Another Kadshenu, Composed by the Imrei Shaul 5690 (1929 / 1930)
DownLoad ListenHabet Meshamaim Habet Meshamaim, from Vhu Rachum, Composed by the Imrei Shaul 5705 (1945)
DownLoad ListenEliahu Hanavi Eliahu Hanavi, sung after Havdala, Composed by the Imrei Shaul, 5705 (1945)
DownLoad ListenHiskavtzu Melachim From Hakofos on Simchas Torah, Composed by the Imrei Shaul 5685 (1924)
DownLoad ListenHayom T'amtzeinu Sung regularly after Musaf on Yamim Noraim, Composed by the Imrei Shaul 5690 (1929)
DownLoad ListenSissu V'simchu Composed by the Imrei Aish 5720 (1959)
DownLoad ListenV'samachta B'chagecha V'samachta Composed by the Imrei Aish, 5729 (1968)
DownLoad ListenBemotzoei Yom Menucha Sung on Motzei Shabbos, Composed by the Imrei Shaul 5696 (1935)
DownLoad ListenYedid Nefesh Yedid Nefesh, Composed by the Imrei Shaul 5698 (1937)
DownLoad ListenChasun's Niggun A Violin version of a very old and famous Niggun, Sung at every Modzitzer wedding when the Chasun and Kallah come to the Chupah (I called it Yedid Nefesh 2 before) Composed by the Divrei Yisrael 5660 (1899)
DownLoad ListenOmar Hashem 2 This is from the very first Chassidic music record (1955), Composed by the Imrei Shaul 5690 (1930)
DownLoad ListenMimkomcha Sung for Kedusha on Shabbos, Composed by the Imrei Aish 5713 (1952)
DownLoad ListenAni Maamin The famous Ani Maamin. Composed by Reb Ezriel David Fastag HY"D on the way to Treblinka, 1942, sung by R' Mordechai ben David
The full story;  (Hebrew)    (English)
DownLoad ListenThe First Opera The very famous First Opera composed by The Imre Shaul in 1920, Instrumental. About 13 Min. long.
DownLoad ListenMenucha V'Simcha A lovely waltz sung to Menucha V'Simcha, For the Shabbos table. Composed by The Imre Shaul in 1930.
DownLoad ListenLcho Dodi Lcho Dodi, for Shabbos Composed by the Imre Shaul in 1917.
DownLoad ListenLo SeVoshi Lo Sevoshi, for Shabbos Composed by the Imre Eish in 1944.
DownLoad ListenTovim M'Oros Instrumental format, Composed by the Imrei Shaul on his first trip to Eretz Yisroel - in 1925. when he visited the Kosel Ma'Aravi. He said Kiddush Levonoh and sang this for Tovim M'Oros.
DownLoad ListenRikud Rikud, A dance Niggun
DownLoad ListenHodu Lashem Hodu LaShem Ki Tov.
DownLoad ListenBne Vescha Bne Vescha
DownLoad ListenKo Keili Ko Keili, A tfilah from Yom Tov.
DownLoad ListenB'Tzais Yisrael B'Tzais Yisrael, for Pesach.
DownLoad ListenKol TzeHala A nice lively Niggun for weddings Composed by Harav Ben Zion Shenker, in 1971
DownLoad ListenModzitzer waltz A beautiful waltz instrumental, Composed by the Imrei Shaul ifor the wedding of his son Yitzchak 1940's.
DownLoad ListenMizmor L'David Reb Yisrael's Song of the Homeless, Composed by the Divrei Yisrael 1914. The Story
DownLoad ListenHamavdil Sung after Havdala.
DownLoad ListenOmar Hashem L'Yakov Sung on Motzai Shabbos, Composed by The Divrei Yisrael about 1890.
DownLoad ListenMechalkel Chaim The famous Mechalkel Chaim, Composed by the Imrei Shaul 1926.
DownLoad ListenKadish Kadish, sung after Mussaf.Composed by the Imrei Shaul in the 1920's
DownLoad ListenKadshenu Kadshenu, Composed by the Present Rebbe Shlita. 1986
DownLoad ListenKel Adon A rousing march guaranteed to wake them up, as is the case of almost all Modzitzer Niggunim Can and is sung to many Tfillos. The Imrei Shaul, 1939
DownLoad ListenAshrenu The Imrei Shaul, 1928
DownLoad ListenEin Kitzva A very famous march, composed by R' Kaufman Yidel Edelson HY"D
DownLoad ListenKadish Instrumental format, often sung to Shir HaMaalos, Composed by the Imrei Esh in 1955 as Kaddish for Yamim Noraim.
DownLoad ListenHamavdil Hamavdil, Composed by Harav Ben Zion Shenker, From the very first record of Chasidic Music.
DownLoad ListenEishes Chayil Eishes Chayil Composed by Harav Ben Zion Shenker, Probably one of the most popular Chasidic Melodies.
DownLoad ListenKadish Kadish, sung after Mussaf.Composed by the Imrei Shaul in the 1920's. Played by the Israeli Philharmonic.

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